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DRIFT 004 Complete

Last Sunday, August 20 we had a nice DRIFT in the Eastern Docklands area of Amsterdam on a warm, bright summer afternoon. We departed from The Lloyd Hotel, walked along the Veemkade, crossed over to Java-eiland, then walked back along the Javakade, crossing the Verbindingsdam back to The Lloyd Hotel where we concluded with beers on the terrace.

Instead of synching via AmpMe, this time most had downloaded the music mix ahead of time to their phones. The remaining drifters played via SoundCloud. We all hit play at the same time and we ran into far fewer synching problems.

It was a really nice, low key drift, where I got to see an unfamiliar part of the city. Crossing the Jan Schaeferbrug on foot was memorable — it doesn’t take much elevation in Amsterdam to get a birds eye view of the city. This time, two giant cruise ships were in dock towering over everything. There was a really cool moment where the music opened up into the AudioSyntax song “Liquid Space” (around minute 20) just as I was climbing to the high point of the bridge.

Another highlight for me was seeing the buildings of Java-eiland. They were built as architectural showpieces, but I suspect they’re not going to age well.

Here are some photos from DRIFT 004:

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From Alexander Titov:

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A few more from Beth Farris:

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Two more from Jonathan Farris:

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Keep an eye out soon for info on DRIFT 005.

Posted on 2017-28-Aug