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Drift Club Amsterdam logo A monthly musical wander for weirdos.

Drifting is walking without a specific destination, while leading and being led by fellow participants through the urban landscape. We explore new places while listening to a synchronized soundtrack custom mixed by local DJs, musicians, and enthusiasts.

Drifting has a few simple rules, but is not a game you can win in any traditional sense. We drift for the joy and pleasure of getting lost, following the impulses of our fellow players, taking part in a shared atmosphere through music, and experiencing the city in a novel way.

Drifts are free with RSVP and take place on Sunday afternoons, once a month. The walk normally lasts an hour, then we go to a local bar/cafe or have a picnic outside afterward, depending on location and weather.

International drifting comrades include and Drift Club Worldwide.

Upcoming Drifts & News

Pandemic Walks

What does Drift Club do during post-COVID times? Does it have a function? Watch this space, as I’m brewing up something for June. Much love to all of you weird walkers.


Drift 13

Thanks to everyone who came and shared a really pretty morning walk through De Wallen. Despite (or maybe because of) the rain, this one was quite special.

This Drift concludes this year’s season! Thanks to all who came out and shared these weirdo times.

After today’s Drift, a few of us started talking about maybe doing an indoor winter edition, perhaps at the Rijksmuseum. Will post when that one happens.

I’m also thinking of putting a paper zine together to commemorate the first three seasons of Drifts, with photos, route maps, and playlists, with a pseudo-philosophical justification of this whole project written by me as the introduction. 🙂 I’ll post with more details on that soon, too.



Drift 12

The return of summer! A time to enjoy the sun, Oosterpark, and a hazy, summer, experimental/new age/ambient Drift Club mix.

We’ll meet at the giant chessboard in front of the Tropenmuseum entrance and then wander around Oosterpark before spreading blankets, lying in the sun, and having a collective space out.

Remember to bring:
– a fully charged phone
– earbuds or headphones
– a small picnic blanket or something to lie on
– anything you’d like for a sunny picnic after (keep it light as you’ll be carrying it)

The mix for today’s Drift has been uploaded to Mixcloud. You can get the Mixcloud app free on the Android and iOS app stores. Here’s the link:

Alternatively, the mix is available for download via my Dropbox here, if you’d like it locally on your device:

See you soon! 🖤✌🏻😘


Drift 11

Today’s Drift starts at the Buiksloterweg ferry dock, behind Amsterdam Centraal Station at 15:00.

SoundCloud streaming
Direct download link (143MB)
The route

We depart from CS and cross the Ij river to Overhoeksplein, now a tourist attraction, then a gallows for the city’s criminals, castaways, and unwanted.

We pass the former gallows and walk through Tolhuistuin, a park set up behind the former Shell Oil canteen, before following the Buiksloterkanaal and surveying all the new construction across the canal.

Next, we stay close to the canal as we enter the Van Der Pekt area. This residential area was built as worker housing during and after WWI, in particular housing workers from the shipyard at NDSM but also housing workers in the emerging airplane manufacturing company in Noord — Fokkers.

During the occupation during WWII, Nazis took over the Fokkers airplane factory, adjacent to where De Ceuvel is today, and appropriated it for the Nazi war effort.

In July 1943, Allied planes attempted to bomb the Fokkers airplane factory, and instead rained bombs down throughout the neighborhood we’ll be walking in.

Keep an eye out for the non-brick, white buildings in the midst of all the brick buildings near the playground. This is where the deadliest of the friendly fire bombings took place.

Next we’ll walk along the canal through Disteldorp, another socialist worker housing block built just after WWI. We’ll then walk around a former hospital that’s now a hotel, before giving way to the remnants of the neighborhood’s gentrification project — the last remaining light industrial businesses and workshops that line the street on the way to De Ceuvel.


Drift 10 Details

Friends and fellow Drifters,

Tomorrow’s the day for Drift 10! We will start the Drift at 1pm at Mokumboot East:

Mauritskade 65
1092 AD Amsterdam

Mookumbooat is located near Artis, across from the Tropenmuseum. Trams 3, 7, 9, 10 and 14 stop right around the corner.

We’ll have three boats of eight people each. The idea is that we’ll form a sort of boat drift caravan in the eastern canals. We’ll try to keep close together as we drift along, since we’ll be using the app AmpMe to form a collective, local broadcast powered sound system for the boats playing at just the right volume to blend with the sound of the water and ambient environment.

Drift 10 coincides with the celebration of the release of my small tape label’s first cassette — Pulsing Fields/Distelweg. We’ll listen to the digital edition of the release, as well as some of my inspirations while making it as part of the music mix tomorrow. I’ll also bring a few cassettes with me in case you’d like to pick one up (they’re also available over at

A few more notes and reminders:

  • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early so we get can get out on the water at 1pm
  • Feel free to bring any drinks you’d like, just remember, we have the boats for two hours and there’s no bathroom on board (please plan accordingly)
  • Remember to bring your fully charged smart phone
  • The Drift is sold out, so if you’ve already RSVP’d and can’t make it, let me know so I can let the folks on the waiting list know.
  • Please try to download Amp Me before you arrive. It’s freely available for iOS and Android here: . (As a fallback, it’s not a bad idea to bring your earbuds with you, too.)

See you all tomorrow!