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Secret Mainstream is a tiny tape label/zine/irl event series for weirdos, based in Amsterdam Noord, run by me, Daniel Genser and other conspirators. I also host a semi-monthly show on Amsterdam's own Red Light Radio, and program mixes for Drift Club. Our first cassette release is coming this Spring.


Want to release a tape with me? Currently interested in: musique concrète, field recordings, experimental electronic, ambient, left field, EBM. Send me a link to your work at

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Puncture Wounds


Public Sleep is Trust





I was walking to work, south along the Oudezijds Achterburgal, listening to my headphones. I kept hearing a tiny frequency sitting atop the sound of the song I was listening to. I took my headphones off, and saw that there was a street sweeper pacing me along the other side of the canal. I took out my phone and recorded the droning high note, sitting above the rest of the noise, took it home, and made this song around it.