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Sunday July 29, 2018 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Mauritskade 65
Amsterdam, 1092AD (Map)

A drift by whisper boat, in the eastern canals of Amsterdam.

In quiet, electric-powered boats, we will drift in the industrial canals, enjoy some drinks in the sun, and see the city by water while listening. This one’s a special edition, as it also marks the release of my tape label’s first ambient release, Distelweg/Pulsing Fields.

To cover the costs of the boat rental, we’re asking for €10 per seat, and we expect the drift to last about two hours in total.



Changes to Drift Schedule

Hey Drifters! Sorry things have been so silent — the boat Drift I’ve been planning for this Sunday, July 1 has hit some snags, and it’s caused me to readjust the plans for the last couple drifts of the season.

The new boat Drift is rescheduled for Sunday, July 29 at 2pm, taking off from Mauritskade 65, in Amsterdam near the Artis Zoo. To cover the cost of the boat rentals, I’m asking for a €10 donation for attendees. I will create a new event just for this Drift in next couple days, as soon as the boat rentals are confirmed.


This Drift will be a special one for me because the music mix this time will be my first ambient cassette release! (Bandcamp links coming soon.)

Hope you all are enjoying the Summer! ✌🏼


Spacewhale Conduit

I had a bizarre, ultra clear fever dream last night of some place in the middle of the ocean where giant blue whale-like creatures shoot out of the sea as fast as light beams into the sky, and continued into space. Like some sort of space whale transit point.


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