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Drift Club Amsterdam logo A monthly musical wander for weirdos.

Drifting is walking without a specific destination, while leading and being led by fellow participants through the urban landscape. We explore new places while listening to a synchronized soundtrack custom mixed by local DJs, musicians, and enthusiasts.

Drifting has a few simple rules, but is not a game you can win in any traditional sense. We drift for the joy and pleasure of getting lost, following the impulses of our fellow players, taking part in a shared atmosphere through music, and experiencing the city in a novel way.

Drifts are free with RSVP and take place on Sunday afternoons, once a month. The walk normally lasts an hour, then we go to a local bar/cafe or have a picnic outside afterward, depending on location and weather.

International drifting comrades include and Drift Club Worldwide.

Upcoming Drifts & News

Drift 10 Details

Friends and fellow Drifters,

Tomorrow’s the day for Drift 10! We will start the Drift at 1pm at Mokumboot East:

Mauritskade 65
1092 AD Amsterdam

Mookumbooat is located near Artis, across from the Tropenmuseum. Trams 3, 7, 9, 10 and 14 stop right around the corner.

We’ll have three boats of eight people each. The idea is that we’ll form a sort of boat drift caravan in the eastern canals. We’ll try to keep close together as we drift along, since we’ll be using the app AmpMe to form a collective, local broadcast powered sound system for the boats playing at just the right volume to blend with the sound of the water and ambient environment.

Drift 10 coincides with the celebration of the release of my small tape label’s first cassette — Pulsing Fields/Distelweg. We’ll listen to the digital edition of the release, as well as some of my inspirations while making it as part of the music mix tomorrow. I’ll also bring a few cassettes with me in case you’d like to pick one up (they’re also available over at

A few more notes and reminders:

  • Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early so we get can get out on the water at 1pm
  • Feel free to bring any drinks you’d like, just remember, we have the boats for two hours and there’s no bathroom on board (please plan accordingly)
  • Remember to bring your fully charged smart phone
  • The Drift is sold out, so if you’ve already RSVP’d and can’t make it, let me know so I can let the folks on the waiting list know.
  • Please try to download Amp Me before you arrive. It’s freely available for iOS and Android here: . (As a fallback, it’s not a bad idea to bring your earbuds with you, too.)

See you all tomorrow!


Sunday July 29, 2018 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Mauritskade 65
Amsterdam, 1092AD (Map)

A drift by whisper boat, in the eastern canals of Amsterdam.

In quiet, electric-powered boats, we will drift in the industrial canals, enjoy some drinks in the sun, and see the city by water while listening. This one’s a special edition, as it also marks the release of my tape label’s first ambient release, Distelweg/Pulsing Fields.

To cover the costs of the boat rental, we’re asking for €10 per seat, and we expect the drift to last about two hours in total.



Changes to Drift Schedule

Hey Drifters! Sorry things have been so silent — the boat Drift I’ve been planning for this Sunday, July 1 has hit some snags, and it’s caused me to readjust the plans for the last couple drifts of the season.

The new boat Drift is rescheduled for Sunday, July 29 at 2pm, taking off from Mauritskade 65, in Amsterdam near the Artis Zoo. To cover the cost of the boat rentals, I’m asking for a €10 donation for attendees. I will create a new event just for this Drift in next couple days, as soon as the boat rentals are confirmed.


This Drift will be a special one for me because the music mix this time will be my first ambient cassette release! (Bandcamp links coming soon.)

Hope you all are enjoying the Summer! ✌🏼


Drift 009: Oud-Charlois Rotterdam

Free RSVP — Facebook event page

On Sunday, June 3 at 15:00, Drift Club Amsterdam takes the second in a series of trips to Rotterdam. This time, we’ll explore the urban village of Oud-Charlois, across the Maas, in Rotteram Zuid. We will meet in front of the Robin Hood 2nd Hand Store at Boergoensestraat 17 19, 3082 KA Rotterdam.

Drift 009 coincides with Charlois Special, a 10-day neighborhood festival, where the doors of the many neighborhood artists and musicians are open to the public.

Mark yourself as ‘going’ on the Facebook event page (or drop me an email at, and feel free to share the invite with anyone who’d like to join us!


Drift 008: Oude Noorden Rotterdam

On Sunday, May 6 at 15:00, Drift Club Amsterdam takes a trip to Rotterdam. We will explore certain features of Oude Noorden Rotteram and the adjacent Hofpleinlijnviaduct. The address we will meet at is Delftseplein 37, 3013 AA Rotterdam.

Check Google for specific train information, but it looks like there are several options in the 13:30–14:20 time frame that will get you there from Amsterdam Centraal. If you end up taking an Intercity Direct, you get a 40% discount on the supplement ticket during off-peak hours.

Here’s the mix created for DRIFT 008. You can stream it here, or download it below.

Download DRIFT 008 mix mp3 (149MB)

Also consider making a full day of it and seeing more of Rotterdam! There’s so much to see that’s sometimes not immediately visible. If you go early, consider checking out Museum Bojimans — it’s brilliant.

As always, please mark ‘going’ on the Facebook RSVP so we know how many are coming. Afterward, all are invited to stick around for post-DRIFT drinks and borrel.

RSVP Free — Sunday, May 6, 15:00

Sidenote: I’m actively looking for a different event RSVP system, mainly to disentangle myself from Facebook a bit more. I’m not necessarily opposed to Facebook in everything, but since creating a dedicated page for Drift Club Amsterdam, I’ve been overwhelmed with notifications, ads, and software UI debris to the point where it makes me want to ditch Facebook for event management altogether. Do any of you use an event management app or service that you actually like using? Let me know.