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Commerce drives a dominant number of our urban social interactions. It can feel inescapable. Can modern cities offer us more than simply an array of choices to fulfill our material imperatives? What does ‘place’ mean now? What dimensions can music, play, or the presence of conspirators add to our perception of a given place? Are there new ways of perceiving our (often) banal surroundings?

Most urgently: do you want to have some cheap, weird fun?

Drifting is a playful walk without destination, wherein participants take turns leading each other through the urban landscape. Players listen to a synchronized soundtrack.

Drifting has a few simple rules, but is not a game you can win in any traditional sense. We drift for the joy and pleasure of getting lost, following the impulses of our fellow players, taking part in a shared atmosphere through music, and experiencing the city in a novel way.

Upcoming Drifts & News

DRIFT 003 Complete

The weather turned out to be perfectly timed. After a downpour around 2:30pm, the clouds parted for a couple hours and let 11 of us to wander the back part of Schinkelbuurt.

We had some technical problems with AmpMe, so halfway through I was live mixing on the app, instead of just playing my pre-recorded mix. Unfortunate, but fun still. For DRIFT 004, I have a couple of new approaches to syncing the soundtrack we’ll try.

You can still check out the music mix (along with track list/buy links) in its entirety here:

Here are some snapshots by other drifters:

Drifting around to cool sounds . . . #driftclub #drift003 #drift #amsterdam #schinkelbuurt #weirdshit

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From Devon:

From Victoria:


DRIFT 002 Complete

Subtropical was the theme of DRIFT 002, which took place last night, on a fittingly warm summer solstice in the Indischebuurt area of Amsterdam Oost.

DRIFT 002 complete! Had a great time. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming DRIFT 003. #driftclub #weirdshit #ambientmusic

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The music focused on Indonesian gamelan and other Asian-inspired minimalist, electronic, and ambient sounds. Also in the mix is a new tune by Elk Test, and an ambient track by me.

Plans are already underway for DRIFT 003 — date/time/location/theme coming soon.


DRIFT 002 start time moved to 8pm

Due to the hot weather, let’s meet at 20:00 tomorrow rather than 19:00. We’ll take advantage of the cooler temperatures and shade later in the evening. Still meeting in front of Badhuis Javaplein. See you there!


Drift 001 Complete

Thanks to all the participants in DRIFT 001. We had a fun time on a sunny Sunday afternoon wandering around Noord. The technical setup was mostly a success (using AmpMe as the broadcast app).

Bunch of weirdos on DRIFT 001. #amsterdamnoord #drift #experiments #weirdshit #ambient

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As the first experiment, I think it was a success. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of giving themselves permission to wander around, letting the feeling of the music, or the small details of a previously overlooked street guide their movement. I did notice a couple things I’ll do differently next time, too.

For instance, I’ll make sure to bring extra earbuds, and I think next time I’ll plan the drift in a little more densely urban area, where the ambience can change more rapidly. I’d like to try a drift late at night, or early in the morning, as well. Lots of theme variations I’m thinking of too (photo drifts, drifts where everyone is on a group earbud call, letting the group wander a little more loosely while keeping in communication). Lots of fun things to try.

Here’s a SoundCloud link to the soundtrack to today’s drift. Enjoy:


I made a new flyer for the first Drift this Sunday, and will be posting them up in a few places around town today.