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DRIFT 003 Complete

The weather turned out to be perfectly timed. After a downpour around 2:30pm, the clouds parted for a couple hours and let 11 of us to wander the back part of Schinkelbuurt.

We had some technical problems with AmpMe, so halfway through I was live mixing on the app, instead of just playing my pre-recorded mix. Unfortunate, but fun still. For DRIFT 004, I have a couple of new approaches to syncing the soundtrack we’ll try.

You can still check out the music mix (along with track list/buy links) in its entirety here:

Here are some snapshots by other drifters:

Drifting around to cool sounds . . . #driftclub #drift003 #drift #amsterdam #schinkelbuurt #weirdshit

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From Devon:

From Victoria:


DRIFT 002 Complete

Subtropical was the theme of DRIFT 002, which took place last night, on a fittingly warm summer solstice in the Indischebuurt area of Amsterdam Oost.

DRIFT 002 complete! Had a great time. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming DRIFT 003. #driftclub #weirdshit #ambientmusic

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The music focused on Indonesian gamelan and other Asian-inspired minimalist, electronic, and ambient sounds. Also in the mix is a new tune by Elk Test, and an ambient track by me.

Plans are already underway for DRIFT 003 — date/time/location/theme coming soon.


DRIFT 002 start time moved to 8pm

Due to the hot weather, let’s meet at 20:00 tomorrow rather than 19:00. We’ll take advantage of the cooler temperatures and shade later in the evening. Still meeting in front of Badhuis Javaplein. See you there!


Public sleep is trust

Public sleep is trust

I went to an art performance at the Stedilijk today that promised, in part, a 20 minute group power nap. It proved to be some dumb posturing bullshit with no actual napping on the agenda. I came home and made a soundtrack to the public sleep that should’ve occurred.

Excerpt from a longer 30 minute session.


Drift 001 Complete

Thanks to all the participants in DRIFT 001. We had a fun time on a sunny Sunday afternoon wandering around Noord. The technical setup was mostly a success (using AmpMe as the broadcast app).

Bunch of weirdos on DRIFT 001. #amsterdamnoord #drift #experiments #weirdshit #ambient

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As the first experiment, I think it was a success. Everyone seemed to get a kick out of giving themselves permission to wander around, letting the feeling of the music, or the small details of a previously overlooked street guide their movement. I did notice a couple things I’ll do differently next time, too.

For instance, I’ll make sure to bring extra earbuds, and I think next time I’ll plan the drift in a little more densely urban area, where the ambience can change more rapidly. I’d like to try a drift late at night, or early in the morning, as well. Lots of theme variations I’m thinking of too (photo drifts, drifts where everyone is on a group earbud call, letting the group wander a little more loosely while keeping in communication). Lots of fun things to try.

Here’s a SoundCloud link to the soundtrack to today’s drift. Enjoy:


I made a new flyer for the first Drift this Sunday, and will be posting them up in a few places around town today.