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Drift 13

Thanks to everyone who came and shared a really pretty morning walk through De Wallen. Despite (or maybe because of) the rain, this one was quite special.

This Drift concludes this year’s season! Thanks to all who came out and shared these weirdo times.

After today’s Drift, a few of us started talking about maybe doing an indoor winter edition, perhaps at the Rijksmuseum. Will post when that one happens.

I’m also thinking of putting a paper zine together to commemorate the first three seasons of Drifts, with photos, route maps, and playlists, with a pseudo-philosophical justification of this whole project written by me as the introduction. 🙂 I’ll post with more details on that soon, too.



Drift 12

The return of summer! A time to enjoy the sun, Oosterpark, and a hazy, summer, experimental/new age/ambient Drift Club mix.

We’ll meet at the giant chessboard in front of the Tropenmuseum entrance and then wander around Oosterpark before spreading blankets, lying in the sun, and having a collective space out.

Remember to bring:
– a fully charged phone
– earbuds or headphones
– a small picnic blanket or something to lie on
– anything you’d like for a sunny picnic after (keep it light as you’ll be carrying it)

The mix for today’s Drift has been uploaded to Mixcloud. You can get the Mixcloud app free on the Android and iOS app stores. Here’s the link:

Alternatively, the mix is available for download via my Dropbox here, if you’d like it locally on your device:

See you soon! 🖤✌🏻😘